Service Desk

Bring mobile efficiency and convenience to your IT and tech support desk. Make it easy for employees and/or customers to submit support tickets, chat with a technician, or get status notifications on support requests.

Improve customer satisfaction with better service

Decrease wait time for tech support, increase ticket response times, and improve overall customer satisfaction using integrated mobile service desk software that's always just a fingertip away.

A full history at your fingertips

A full history for every issue, including task status, task history, technician information, and much more.

Leading security and authentication

MW2 Mobile Framework Service desk solutions are integrated with leading security and authentication integrations such as OKTA and PING so you can rest assured your mobile enterprise is safe and secure.

Some of our related work

GAP Case Study

Build a new scalable IT support mobile application that allows staff to create and track support tickets, chat with technicians, and receive notifications when their issue...

Working with the Fast2Mobile framework was such a pleasure.  We saw measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and efficiency with our service desk app.


MW2 Mobile allows us to quickly and easily launch mobile applications within our enterprise like never before. 


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